Trinity Epsicopal Staff

The Very Rev. Julie Nan Harris

Born and raised in Oregon, and a cradle Episcopalian, Julie felt drawn to the church.


Coty Graff

Coty Graff came to Trinity Episcopal Church in February 2010 as our Organist/Choir Director.

Organist and Choir Director

Lisa Sorrentino-Miller

Lisa has been the Parish Administrator since 2004.

Parish Administrator

Trinity Vestry Members

Phil Steptoe, Senior Warden (Vestry through 2020)

Phil Steptoe (2020) is a retired Air Force officer and defense analyst who moved back to Martinsburg in 2008 and rejoined Trinity after 40 years of government service. Phil was baptized and confirmed at Trinity as a youth. He serves as an acolyte, chalice bearer, lector, worship leader, and choir member. Phil has completed 3 years of EfM (Education for Ministry). He is a representative to Diocesan Council, Diocesan Convention, Province III and General Convention. Phil and his wife Lynne are active in the community, most notably with CCAP/Loaves and Fishes. They often open their home and offer hospitality for parish events.

Peter Brewster, Junior Warden

Peter Brewster, Junior Warden (Vestry through 2018)

Peter, his wife Anna, and son Tyler have enjoyed being members of Trinity for several years. Particularly, with Tyler away at college, the Brewster’s appreciate the “extended family” they have through the church. Anna is a local Realtor and Pete works with the Veterans Health Administration.

Jason Stedman

Jason Stedman is an attorney practicing criminal defense. Although not attending school here, he spent every summer in Martinsburg with his grandparents working on the family farm. His family moved to Martinsburg in 2012 in order to be closer to his parents and grandmother. Since moving to Martinsburg, his family has become actively involved in the community. His family is very active with St. Joseph School and he is the District Chairman for the Boy Scouts of America. He went to college at the American University and attended law school at Stetson College of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida. After law school, he served as a prosecuting attorney for six years. He then went into private practice. In St. Petersburg, they attended St. Vincent’s and St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Churches. He served on the vestry at both churches. He has also previously been a Senior and Junior Warden.

Tim Koons

Tim Koons (Vestry through 2020)

Tim Koons and his family (wife Katie, and son Franklin) began attending Trinity in 2013 when they moved to Martinsburg with the Veteran’s Administration. They officially joined the Episcopal Church during Bishop Klusmeyer’s visitation on September 11, 2016. Tim shares his musical talents with the congregation.

Samson Wright

Samson Wright (Vestry through 2020)

Samson Wright returned to Martinsburg in 2015 to be closer to children and grandchildren and became an active member of Trinity about that time. In November 2016, Samson married Sharon (Clark) Novak at Trinity. Samson is a CPA/Accounting Professional and independent consultant. He shares this talent as convener of the Audit team. Samson is active in local Republican party politics.

Bradley Cole

Bradley Cole (Vestry through 2020)

Bradley graduated locally from Shepherd University in 1995 and works in the library industry, helping libraries manage their physical collection, journals, articles, eBooks, and digital content. He has two children, Arabella 10 and Braylen 8, is a cradle Episcopalian, and loves Mountaineer football.

Tiffany Arnett

Tiffany Arnett (Vestry through 2018)

Raised here at Trinity Martinsburg, Tiffany Arnett is a local teacher of Spanish in Berkeley County. She has one son, Ezra, and enjoys working with our young people in the parish whether it be assisting with Sunday School, hosting an Episcopal Youth Fellowship activity, or Vacation Bible School.

Jennifer Barrett

Jennifer Barrett (Vestry through 2018)

Jennifer Barrett is a lifelong member of Trinity, graduated from Shepherd University with a degree in Mass Communications. She and her daughter Amy are active in many church activities. While Jennifer donates her time and talent to vestry, her daughter Amy serves as our Parish Nursery Attendant.

Wayne Chapman

Wayne Chapman (Vestry through 2018)

Wayne Chapman was born and raised in Martinsburg, WV, and is now retired after 30 years in the healthcare management industry. He joined the Episcopal Church in 1964 in Corapolis, PA. After living in Washington DC for two decades, Wayne and his wife, Vel, found their way back to Trinity in 2011. Serving various churches through the years, Wayne has served on vestry, as church treasurer, Sunday school teacher, and usher, similar to the current responsibilities and volunteering Wayne does today for Trinity, Martinsburg.

Joseph Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan (Vestry through 2019)

Joseph Sullivan is a New Englander transplant. He joined the Episcopal church in 2010. He is retired after 33 years in computer operations. Joe and his wife Kathy have two children and four grandchildren.

David Gum

David Gum (Vestry through 2019)

David Gum is a West Virginia native, born in Bartow, WV. He graduated locally from Hedgesville High School and Shepherd University. In 2001, her married Margot Thompson and began attending Trinity. David and Margot have two daughters Jane (age 14) and Grace (age 11). David is employed as a Supplier Quality Engineer at Volvo Trucks in Hagerstown, MD. David feels that serving on vestry is one way he can help contribute to the blessings that Trinity provides for him, his family and the local community.

Colleen Mantan Tucker (Vestry through 2019)

Colleen Tucker was born in Connecticut, and raised as a Roman Catholic. She discovered her spiritual home in the Episcopal Church when a good friend was on his own journey to be ordained. Colleen first attended services at Trinity in 2006. In 2008, her husband David was baptized and confirmed at Trinity, and Colleen was received into the Episcopal Church. Colleen is active with Koinonia groups, adult formation, vestry, and choir.