Episcopal youth gravitate toward Kentucky Night’s silent ‘Episco-disco’

“You can’t just say disco and not expect me to show up and dance.”

After a long day of volunteering at the 81st General Convention, Rachel Matthews, a senior youth group member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland, Tennessee, did just that. The second day of General Convention ended with “Diocese of Kentucky Night,” where convention-goers could attend various events staged throughout downtown Louisville or within a two-mile radius, including a silent “Episco-disco” dance party at Christ Church Cathedral, just a few blocks from the convention center.

During a silent disco, participants listen to music through wireless headphones, which, to people not wearing headphones, gives the impression that they’re dancing to nothing. General Convention’s “Episco-disco” event was a tribute to Louisville as the only city in the United States where disco balls are manufactured. Over 90% percent of all disco balls in the world are made in Louisville.  To read more click here