As our annual stewardship campaign is titled “Rooted in Abundance”, and its reminder to us that we are inspired to give because so much has been given to us. This is not transactional – we do not give in proportion to how we feel we have benefitted or suffered – rather we give because of the love we have experienced in the story of our faith. We have explored trees, roots, flowers all as metaphors for the way we dig deep into what nourishes us to transform that goodness into work, service, and joy in a world that needs us.

We should be confident in using what he has given us. He has given it for our joy, not as a means of tripping us up. We should not be fearful of the way we use our time, our talents, our relationships, our creativity, or our money. When we use it for God’s kingdom, we use it for our future.

Thank you so much for your stewardship pledge or one-time donation! Your generosity helps us continue our work of serving the community. We’re grateful for your support!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email:[email protected]  or call the office at 304-263-0994

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