Our worship services are based upon the Holy Bible and consist of readings from Scripture, prayers spoken and sung, hymns and sermons. At Trinity, you will see many people actively involved in our worship: reading Scriptures and leading Psalms, singing in the choir, serving as acolytes, ushers, carrying crosses, bread and wine for Holy Communion and serving around the altar.

Visitors are sometimes surprised to see so many people taking part in our worship life. That is because our worship is participatory and celebratory. We believe that worship (liturgy) is the work of the people and everyone should be involved, and not be passive spectators.
Children are an important part of our worship life at Trinity. Children are encouraged to take part in the service. We believe that children should be welcomed and involved in worship at an early age. This way they will grow up feeling a part of the liturgy, and will feel “at home” in God’s house. Visitors are sometimes surprised to see, and often hear, so many children.

At Trinity, we know it is music to God’s ears to hear the voices of young people at worship. Therefore, we often go out of our way to welcome children. If they do not throw things or run, they are welcome to sit in the aisles or on the chancel steps, to gather around the font at Holy Baptism, and after Baptism to participate with us in Holy Communion.

Most of our worship services are celebrations of the Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion. This is the Lord’s Supper, a remembrance of the Last Supper of our Lord and His disciples. In the Gospels Christ teaches us to remember this meal as often as we can, and we do so every Sunday and Wednesday.

It is easy to follow our service of worship. Everyone receives a printed order of service, or bulletin, upon entering the church, which directs worshippers to the proper pages in our Book of Common Prayer. The Order of service also provides important announcements and other information helpful to both members and newcomers.

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